Central University of Technology

Central University of Technology is one of South Africa's technology oriented universities it was founded in the early 1980s and it is a public university, the university is located in the capital of the free space province of South Africa. The university being a public university is funded and managed by the nation's government. The university is currently on a vision to be one of the most technologically advanced and impactful universities in the nation and it provides her students with excellent and quality educational resources. The university trains them with the practical knowledge they need to apply this. The university values innovation so much it has an idea generation unit for students. Central University of Technology is research intensive university it is constantly discovering new ways the nation can benefit from leveraging technology. It is focused on building and grooming technology so as to contribute to the nation's economy ultimately. The university is a full time coeducational university and it runs a per semester academic calendar, the student body is medium sized and quite diverse. It has a lot of well-seasoned staff in different areas/fields and has a good student to staff ratio. The university has about four faculties some of which include faculty of humanities, faculty of management science and several others these faculties offer full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees to student. The university has no cultural or religious affiliation and welcomes all students for admission, international students are also welcome and this contributes to the body’s diversity. Admission into this university is however very competitive, the university facilities are good and the campus has an environment for learning. Central University of Technology has several campuses in different parts of the country. The university offers different levels of financial aid and support to her students.

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Some Courses include:
Agricultural Extension
Agricultural Management
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Biomedical Technology
Arts, Management & Social Science
Accounting and Auditing
Business Management
Language Practice and Media Studies
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Natural Sciences
Education (different feilds)