Durban University of Technology

Durban University of Technology was established in 2002 and it is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. The university as the name implies is a technology centric university that is committed to the development of human capital in the technology industry of South Africa, it also promotes academic excellence and has a number of core values it instills in her students during their academic stay. The university equips her students with excellent knowledgebase and practical skills. The university is also involved in research to figure out ways the nation's problems can be solve leveraging technology. Durban University of Technology is a coeducational university, it offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate facilities in sciences and social sciences in her different faculties. The university has a number of faculties some of which include faculty of health sciences, faculty of management sciences, faculty of applied science and several others. It runs a per semester academic calendar. The university has a large student population, it is quite diverse seeing as the university is coeducational and has no religious or cultural affiliation. It has good campus facilities a very competitive admission selection process as both local and international student seek admission and tuition is affordable. The university has good facilities in her campus facilities that allows students have a good academic stay, some of these facilities include laboratories. Has a number of campus facilities in different parts of the nation.

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Some Courses include:
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Dental Services
Arts, Management & Social Science
Auditing and Taxation
Information Technology
Financial Accounting
Drama & Production Studies
Science & Technology