Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University is named after one of the nation's iconic leader’s nelson Mandela, it was funded in the year 2005 and it is located in the Eastern Cape Province of south Africa. It is sometimes called nelson Mandela metropolitan university. The university is a culturally inclusive university known for leadership and academic excellence. The university is committed to becoming one of the nation's leading universities, it hopes to create and environment where students academic abilities and talents are groomed so they can be unitized in their various industries, it also hopes to promote quality and ensure that there is equal access to quality education to students irrespective of their race, nationality, gender or religious background. The university is an innovative research focused university that is involved in a lot of collaborations in order to solve problems in the immediate society and the world. Nelson Mandela University runs a per semester academic calendar, it has a large student body and as earlier indicated it is quite diverse, the university has sufficient number of seasoned staff to meet the students academic needs in their various fields. It offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in several fields, some of which include faculty of arts, faculty of education faculty of business and economics sciences. It offers financial aid services to her students and has a couple of other facilities to make the student have an optimal learning experience while they are in school. The university classrooms are well furnished so are the labs and the academic library.

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Some Courses include:
Agriculture and Game Management
Agricultural Management
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mech Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Other feilds in Medicine
Arts, Management & Social Science
Human Resources Management
Management and Entrepreneurship
Science & Technology
Computing Science
Public Law