Rhodes University

Rhodes University is a South African university established in the year 1904 and it is one of the nation's oldest universities, the public university is funded and managed by the South African government. The university has had a number of hindrances to her development but has however become one of the nation's top universities. The university has become known as a citadel of learning and academic excellence in various fields. It trains her students with excellent resources on both the theoretical and practical aspects of their various academic program. Teachers make use of good teaching approaches which helps students understand better and faster. The university is involved in a lot of research and this has inevitably led to a number of collaborations with other universities and key players in industry. Rhodes University has a somewhat small university student pollution just below about 10,000 students. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in different fields of study and has some of the best graduation rates in the world. The university has an equally large student population in relation to the staff population, the relationship is healthy. Rhodes University is a coeducational university that admits both local and international students. The University has a number of facilities it includes the faculty of law the faculty of education, the faculty of humanities and several others. The university offers good and affordable tuition along with facilities to ensure students have an optimal learning experience while they are in school.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Information Systems
Journalism and Media Studies
Science & Technology
Computer Science