Walter Sisulu University

Walter Sisulu University is a South Africa University that is located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, the university was established in the year 2005 as a public university it is funded and managed by the nation's government. The university aspires to be one of the leading universities in South Africa and Africa at large it is known for being an innovative research-based university. The University is a full time university that trains her students in their various academic fields with their career in mind. The university puts a lot of effort to ensure her studentís understand how to apply classroom knowledge to solve real world problems. The university runs with a number of core values, some of which include academic freedom, people development and several others. The university is a research based university and it is committed to proffering solutions to problems in her immediate environment and the world through research. The university has several campuses in different parts of the county. Walter Sisulu University is a coeducational university that runs on a continuous academic calendar, the university has a very large student body, consisting of national and international students from different religious and socio-cultural backgrounds. This makes the student body very diverse. The university offers fulltime undergraduate and postgrad academic in her various faculties, some of which include, the faculty of education, faculty of health science, the faculty of science and technology and several others. The university is a full time four year university and it has good facilities in her campus, students have access to a very resourceful library, and has number of other facilities. Walter Sisulu University offers several levels of financial aid in the payment of fees, tuition into this university is quite affordable.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Health Promotion
Medical Clinical Practice
Arts, Management & Social Science
Human Resources Management
Public Relations Management
Science & Technology
Computer Science
environmental Science
Information Technology
Education(Different Feilds)
Electrical Engineerin
Mechanical Engineering