Université des Sciences et Technologies du Togo

This is arguably Togo’s second best private university and it was established in the year 2012, it is currently the fourth university to be established in Togo and is located in the nation's capital Lome, the university is committed to the discovery , creation, distribution and training of scientific knowledge to the immediate society, the world is definitely currently technological and there is a gap in available manpower in that field in Togo, the university of science and technology Togo is committed to filling that gap by providing students with the necessary knowledge and practical skill to have meaning full careers in science and technology. The university is also involved in a lot of collaborative research in order to proffer solutions to different problems. The university still has a moderately small and not too diverse student body as at the time of this writing. It offers full time undergraduate degrees in the fields of science and technology in its various facilities. The university welcomes local and international students to apply into its’ diverse and quite culturally inclusive university community. The University Science and technology Togo has a number of labs on her campus, it also has a library and some other facilities, and all these are to make the university campus suitable for learning, teaching and innovations.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Materials Science & Engineering
Science & Technology