Africa University

Africa University is one of Zimbabwe's leading private universities and it was established in the early 1990s, the major campus is in a province in Zimbabwe called Manicaland. There are a number of other campuses located in different parts of the country. The university is committed to becoming one of the continent's leading tertiary institutions, since its inception the University has been committed to the academic excellence, spiritual prowess and morals of her students, the university trains her students with quality education resources and ensures that they have a good knowledgebase and practical skillset to be useful in industry. The university has a number of core values that it uses to guide her daily operations. African university is involved in collaborative research with other universities and key players in industry in order to proffer solutions to problems in her immediate society and the world. The university has a very healthy student to staff ratio. Its population is quite small and not very diverse. Africa University has no religious affiliation nor socio-cultural affiliations, the university welcomes all student form different parts of the world and the country at large. It offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic program in science and social science in its three colleges. The university runs on a per semester academic calendar and offers very affordable tuition. Africa university has a conducive learning environment, the university campus is equipped with all the necessary facilities of make student have a hassle free and optimal learning experience. Some of her facilities include a well-equipped health center, a very resourceful university library and a number of other facilities.

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Some Courses include:
Agribusiness Management
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Medical Lab Sciences
Public Health
Arts, Management & Social Science
International Relations