Bindura University of Science Education

Bindura University of Science Education is a full time public university that is located in, Zimbabwe. The university is funded and managed by the Zimbabwean government and has been operational since the late 199s. The university is committed to becoming one of the nation's leading universities in science and technology, research and the ability to properly train their student to be relevant in their various fields of study. Bindura University of Science Education makes her own contribution to the nation by helping it solve its problem of insufficient human capital and training her students with both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge they need to contribute to the nation's economic development. The university runs on certain core values, some of which include leadership, integrity, excellence and several others. The university runs on a per semester academic calendar and has a small student and staff population, however the university student to staff ratio is very healthy. It is a coeducational university that admits both local and international students because it is culturally inclusive, it has no religious affiliation and welcomes all student irrespective of their religious or socio-cultural backgrounds. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in her five faculties which cut across sciences and social sciences. The university has very affordable tuition and it also offers her student s the necessary facilities they need to have an optimal academic experience in the university, good roads network, power, library and several others.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Science & Technology
Computer Science