Great Zimbabwe University

Great Zimbabwe University located in Masvingo, Zimbabwe is a publicly funded and managed university that was established in 1999. The university promotes academic excellence in the country without any degradation to African culture, the university alongside trains her students to be excellent in their various academic fields through the use of good resources and teaching approaches encourages her students to be entrepreneurial. It trains her students to identify gaps in the society and come up with creative solutions to said problems. The university is a research based university, it makes use of research to solve problems in the society. Great Zimbabwe University has a number of core values it uses to manage her operations and it instills in her students some of those values include excellence, integrity and several others. The university has about six school where it offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs. Some of which include, the school of commerce, the school of education, the school of agriculture and natural sciences amongst others the university runs a number of e-learning services to her students. Great Zimbabwe University is a coeducation university that runs a per semester academic calendar. It has a small student body and staff body and its population is not very diverse. The university however welcomes all students form different parts of the country and the world. Tuition is affordable and it goes for between 700 to about 1800 Zimbabwean dollars it varies per degree type and academic fields. The University is one of the nation's leading universities and definitely has a competitive admission process. This also means it has good facilities like a library and a generally conducive learning environment.

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Some Courses include:
Livestock, Wildlife and Fisheries
Soil and Plant Sciences
Arts, Management & Social Science
Media Studies
Visual Art
Religious Studies
Baning and Finance