Harare Institute of Technology

Harare Institute of Technology was established 1998 and is located in Harare, Zimbabwe. The university was established as a public university and it is funded and managed by the government. The university started as center for vocational education but now has become a full fledge university committed to academic excellence, technology and entrepreneurship. The university is a research driven university that is committed to the discovery of how the nation's problem can be solve leveraging technology, it doesn’t just stop there but goes ahead to implementing these technologies to the best of her ability. The university ensures students are provided with both classroom knowledge in their various fields of study and how these knowledge can be applied to solve problems that are in the society. The Harare Institute of Technology offers full time undergraduate degree programs in science and social sciences but predominantly in technology. The university has about four faculties offering various academic programs. Harare Institute of Technology has a small community consisting of student and staff from different parts of the country and the world as a whole. There is a good student staff relationship in this university as a result of her staff to student ratio. The Harare Institute of Technology has no affiliation to any religion or socio-cultural background. Its community is not very diverse, it offers good affordable tuition and it is one of the top technology institutions in the world. It provides her student with good facilities, like labs etc.
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Some Courses include:
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Chemical & Process Systems Engineering
Polymer Technology and Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Forensic Accounting
Micro Finance
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Food Processing Technology
Pharmaceutical Tech