University College London

University College London established in the year is one of London’s oldest public universities and it has been around for quite a while, it is a prestigious university giving the length of it’s existence is one of the best universities in London and the united kingdom, it has an amazing reputation among other universities in the nation and in their work at large as a result of all her accomplishment and feat. University College London ranking among other world universities comes among the top 110 best in the world, it also ranks among the best universities in the world in a number of subject areas. But looking at it all on a broad scale, the university ranking is not lower than the top 20 best universities in the world so you can definitely tell it is a good place to study. University College London is also very ,much involved in research and development, it encourages her students to be innovative in problem solving and also to be entrepreneurial by creating unique and innovative solutions to local and international problems in the society for profit and a number of them have done just this and gone ahead to build amazing businesses. The university is also in a number of partnerships and collaborations with other institutions to help meet her research objectives which on a general note is all about improving the world and making it a better place leveraging on research, some of her promising areas include cancer, neuroscience and several other areas of study. University College London course are available at the undergraduate and post graduate level in several areas of study some of which include engineering, social science, health science , law and several areas of study. The university campus is pretty cool with amazing building ad her campus facility is pretty safe and serene for learning, there are the necessary facilities students need like accommodation, academic building with well equipped labs and well furnished classrooms etc. University College London school fees varies based on nationality and the students preferred course of study but basically it ranges from about $17k - $33k for local students and it might be more expensive for international stud, so kindly check the university website for more details on this.
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Some Courses include:
Electrical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmacy
Medicinal Chemistry
Nutrition and Medical Sciences
Arts, Management & Social Science
Social Sciences
Language and Culture
Urban Planning and Real Estate
Science & Technology
Computer Sciences
Earth Sciences
Education Studies