University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is a United Kingdom based university that was established in the early 1200s, the university is an old and prestigious university that in her time of existence has had a lot of accomplishments and feats in research, academia, producing a lot of notable alumni doing excellently in their respective fields, several awards etc. The university is one of the top universities in the nation and in the world. University of Cambridge is a coeducation university and it is also known to have a large and diverse student population. This brings about people from different cultures and different ideas and it is really good. The university is committed to the dissemination of knowledge and quality education in the country and it is also committed to raising competent students who are very knowledgeable and useful in their different areas of study. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in sciences and social sciences, it has a very competitive admission selection process with a quite low acceptance rate as a lot of students/prospects make applications to limited slots. University of Cambridge offers cool services and facilities to her students, like accommodation facilities, financial aid/support services to those who need it and several others. The university tuition goes for about 9,000 -30,000 pounds, the tuition varies based on the students nationality and the degree type in question. Kindly check the university website for more details on this.
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Some Courses include:
Chemical Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Medicine & Pharmamcy
Veterinary Medicine
Arts, Management & Social Science
English Language
Science & Technology
Natural Sciences
Computer Science