University of Manchester

University of Manchester is one of the prestigious and leading UK based public universities, it is located in Manchester as the name implies in Northwest England. University of Manchester ranks among the top universities in the nations and in the world, on different university ranking site it come in among the top 100 best universities in the world, according to times higher educations it comes in as #57 best university in the world while according to top universities .com it also comes in as #29 as at the time of this writing. The university though recently founded in the year 2004 is superb, it has become one of the go to universities by a lot of UK based residents and also a ton of international students love to study here. The university is into a lot of research in several areas of study and it is one of the most research focused universities in the UK, some of her research areas include, sciences, life sciences, social sciences etc. Research centers and labs are available for this purpose and her students are not left out of the research activities , they are very much involved and work with their professors as it is a requirement for a number of their degree programs. University of Manchester is a coeducation institution with a large student population, it is a public university and is not affiliated to any religious body. Staff tot student ratio here is also pretty cool. University of Manchester offer courses at the undergraduate and the postgraduate level in different subject areas, a few of which include Aerospace Engineering, Biochemistry, computer sciences etc. student life here is an amazing experience, whether you are staying on or off campus. It is a generally friendly environment that is quite diverse and generally has a friendly community, as earlier implied there are accommodation facilities available for those who might want to lie on campus. As for having fun outside the classroom, there are really a ton of opportunities for that whether on or off campus, it really depends on you and how you much fun you want to have and what you define as fun really. University of Manchester tuition and other fees varies based on a ton of factors, and it can go for about £4200 - £38,000. We advice you do more finding on the interment or in persons as regards the cost of living in the UK (Manchester) in particular as regards rent, clothing, food etc. These fees are at the time of this writing.

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Some Courses include:
Aerospace Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Compuer Systems Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Civil Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Film Studies
Science & Technology
Environmental Science
Molecular Biology
Plant Science
Environmental Science
Educational Psychology