Bond University

Bond University is one of the few private universities located in Australia. It was established in 1987 and it is funded and managed by private individuals. The University as earlier stated is the country’s first private universities and is committed to portraying itself as an innovative research focused university.

It is committed to training her students to have the knowledge to be able to perform professionally in their various industries or fields of endeavor. It is located in a town in Queensland and is one of the nations leading universities, it is also among the top 1,000 world class universities in different ranking sites falling between 400 - 700. The University has several campuses in different parts of the nations. The university has no religious affiliation and runs trimester academic calendar.

Bond University has a low student population and a relatively high staff population compared to her student population. This is good and creates one of the best staff to student ratio in the country. There is a good relationship between student and staff, thus allowing better learning. The student body is diverse, Bond University doesn’t consider religious affiliation and other social backgrounds of students as a core metric in admitting students. Admission is competitive but not too stringent.

The university admits both national and international students from different parts of the world. It is a full time four year institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several fields using well-seasoned professionals as lecturers. The university has about four faculties. The University has a beautiful well laid out campus, with accommodation facilities a well-equipped library with excellent education recourses etc in its various campuses. Tuition varies for different programs but is about AUD$12,000 and above.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Health Sciences
Arts, Management & Social Science
Actuarial Science
Creative Arts
Film and Television
Science & Technology
Sports Management
Business Law