Charles Sturt University

Charles Strut University was established in 1989 as a public university located in Australia. The university is one of the country's prestigious universities and is located in New South Wales. Charles Sturt University has about three faculties and schools. The university has a large student body which is quite diverse as it is coeducational, has no religious affiliation, and admits both national and international students. Students from any part of the world are welcome to apply into this university and not fear being stigmatized based on their religious or sociocultural background/ affiliations.

The university has a quite competitive admission process and a student body of tens of thousands of students. It is a world class university as ranked by different university ranking bodies. Charles Sturt University has adequate number of staff and runs a per semester academic calendar. Charles Sturt University is a full time four year university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate academic program in different fields with the help of seasoned professionals in both classroom and industry, some of these fields include, science and technology, social sciences, business management and so forth.

The university has a network of campus facilities which are well laid out for students to have the better learning experiences. Students have library, health center, recreational facilities and several other cool stuff.

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Some Courses include:
Agricultural Science
Agricultural Business Management
Civil Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Clinical Science
Dental Science
General Studies
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Studies
Criminal Justice
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Exercise and Sport Science
Information Studies
Adult Education