Deakin University

Deakin University is a public university located in a densely populated town in Australia, this university has been established since 1974 and is officially registered. It is one of the top technology and innovation driven universities in Australia and in the world with about a thousand other world class universities. The university is also actively involved in research and collaborations to solve problems in the society.

As a world class university, Deakin University leverages on research to provide students with quality education content, for their academic stay. The university is also a community focused institution, which is particular about creating a conducive and friendly environment for learning. Deakin university is known for a number of things one of them is a large number of digital and technology innovator, the graduates of this university also have very high chances of employment both nationally and internationally.

The University has a large student body with over twenty thousand students and with a large amount of staff to match. The staff/student ratio of the university is about 1:10, which is quite healthy. Deakin has a very diverse student body as the university is a coeducational university with no religious affiliation or any other socio-cultural affiliations. The university admits both national and international students form different parts of the world. Admission into the university is quite competitive, the university runs a unique academic calendar.

Deakin University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in virtually all fields ranging from engineering, to science and technology, to health sciences, arts, humanities, social science and several others. It has a strong alumni base and a well laid out campus for students learning, accommodation facilities, library etc are available on the university campus. The university tuition is quite affordable across the various programs, going for less than $5,000 per credit point for most programs.

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Software Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Medicine and surgery
Biomedical Science
Other feilds in medicine
Arts, Management & Social Science
International Studies
Science & Technology
Biological Science
Forensic Science
Environmental Science
Computer Science
Cyber security
Data analytics