Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University, established in 1991, is an Australian university located in the western part of the country. The university is a public funded and managed institution and is officially registered. Edith Cowan University has several core values it uses to guide it’s operations and her student during their academic stay, the university is a research centric school also committed to providing quality education content that can be easily distributed for the improvement of the country and the world, the university alumni are very employable and have created a name for themselves of talent, creativity and hard work.

Edith Cowan University has more than one campus located in different parts of the country, you can find out more about the on the university official website. The university has over six schools in science and technology, health sciences, education, businesses and several others. It has a large student body with tens of thousands of students (over 20,000) from different parts of the world both nationally and internationally, the student body is diverse as the university doesn’t deny people admission based on religious or social-cultural backgrounds. Students from all over the world are equally welcome.

The university is a coeducational institution with a relatively competitive admission process, not as competitive as some other Australian schools but still competitive. The university is a full time four year degree institution offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several fields. The university tuition varies pre degree type and per academic field but goes between AU$13,000 to about $30,000.

The campuses are great and provide good service, library, accommodation facilities etc. It belongs to an elite group of universities which are ranked as the top 1,000 overall best universities in the world.

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Some Courses include:
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health
Other feilds in Medicine
Arts, Management & Social Science
Fine Arts
Media and Communication
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Biological Science
Cyber Security
Primary Education