Federation University Australia

This is a public university located in Victoria, Australia. The university has since been established in the year, 1870 as a public university. Public universities are not funded or managed by private individuals. The university is located in a densely populated town in Victoria. Federation University of Australia, is committed to training her students with high quality educational resources for theory and practice, students are also exposed to a lot of vocational training during their stay in the university.

The university has several campuses and are equipped with staff who have the knowledge base students need to be relevant in the industry and contribute in their own way to national development. The federation University of Australia is also a research driven institution. The university (as at the time of this writing) is estimated to have bout thirty thousand students, we currently do not have sufficient data to know the amount of staff in the university are but believe there is a fair staff to student ratio.

Federation university Australia's student body is somewhat diverse, being a coeducational institution that admits both local and international students, the university is quite inclusive. The university has no religious affiliation and doesn’t use this as a criteria or any other social-cultural backgrounds, so feel free to apply. Admission into this university is a bit competitive. The university is a full time institution offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in science and technology, engineering, health sciences social science & management etc.

the university tuition varies base on the degree type and the field of study, however it ranges between AUD$7,000 – AUD$30,000. Campus facilities are also well laid put in terms of library, parks, good road network, accommodation etc.

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Mechatronics systems Engineering
Software Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Health Sciences
Arts, Management & Social Science
Community and Human Services
Criminal Justice
Applied Management
Business Management
Hospitality Management
Business Administration
Hospitality Management
Education Studies
Science & Technology
Biomedical Science
Environmental and Conservation Science
Applied Science
Exercise and Sport Science