Griffith University

Griffith University is another public university located in Australia, established in 1971 in one of the largest cities in Australia and is a top university both locally and internationally. The university is committed to research, distribution of quality academic content to her student and finding new and better ways to help student learn. She also has strong collaborations with people in the industry to ensure that her student have the best knowledge in both theory and application of knowledge gathered in the classroom.

Griffith University was named after a man called sir samuale grithy. The university has a lot of staff and inevitable a large student population. The student body is diverse, consisting of both male and female students making it a coeducational institution, the university also has no religious or socio cultural background preferences so anyone is welcome to apply for admission.

Griffith university admits both local and international students and has a staff student ratio of about 1:10 , it’s admission process is quite competitive as individual are competing with national and international prospects for admission. Griffith University has a very strong alumni base with a lot of them performing excellent in industry. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in sciences, social science, health science, engineering and several others. These programs are taught by well-seasoned lecturers. She has a number of campuses about with are very conducive for learning with all the necessary requirements, some examples are library, power, road network and several others. Accommodation facilities are available.

The university offers financial aid to her students and also provide fair and affordable tuition. Kindly check their website for more details. It is among the top 400 best universities in the world.
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Some Courses include:
Civil engineering
Electrical and electronic engineering
Mechanical engineering
Software engineering
Information technology
Environmental engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Dentistry and oral health
Health services management
Arts, Management & Social Science
Accounting and business law
Criminology and criminal justice
Journalism, communication and public relations
Music technology
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Biological Science
Chemical Science
Early childhood education
Autism studies