La Trobe University

La Trobe University is another public university established in 1964, the university is located in Australia, Melbourne to be specific, one of the most densely populated parts of the country, with a number of reputable universities also. The university is not funded or managed by private individuals.

La Trobe University is a full time four year institution which is committed to giving her student top notch academic experiences both inside and outside the classroom. The university is collaborative, research driven and is omitted also to solving problems of the society with everyone. The university has about forty thousand students with a decent graduation rate.

The university has a number of academic and no academic staff to meet the demands of these students the best. The university is a coeducational university, which admits both national and international students. Students religious and social/cultural background are also not necessarily used an admission criteria. The university admission is very completive and the university has a notable alumni. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in all fields of endeavor.

La Trobe University has several campuses to ensure that the learning environment is good for her students. It is also a top ranked university in the world with about a thousand other world class universities.

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Some Courses include:
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Informaation Technology
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Oral Health Sciences
Health Science
Arts, Management & Social Science
BUSINESS Management
Creative Arts
International Relations
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Cyber Security
DATA Science
Chemical Science