Monash University

A university located in Clayton is the University Of Monash University, It was established in 1958 and is a public university. i.e it isn’t managed or funded by private individuals. Clayton is a decently populated region in Australia. Monsah University has several campuses locate in different parts of the country beside Clayton and some outside the country (extraordinary right!).

Monash University was name after John Monsah who had a lot of contributions to development in Australia. The university is committed to learning, collaboration, research and impacting her students with quality educational resources. It ranks as one of the best universities in the nation and it is a world class university, being among the top 1,000 universities in the world.

Monsah University is a fulltime four year institution university with a committed and seasoned staff body. The university has no religious affiliation and admits students irrespective of their religious or socio-cultural background. The university also welcomes international students thus creating a diverse students body. The staff enrolment/staff body is very large with an even larger student body to match. The staff to student ratio is quite healthy and commendable.

Monsah University offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different fields; sciences, social sciences, management amongst others. Admission into this university is very competitive it is coeducational and runs on a per semester academic calendar. We currently do not have sufficient information as regards the universities tuition and school fees, we are however aware the university provides financial aids services for her students. Kindly check the university’s official website for more details.

Monash University provides a very conducive environment inclusive of good roads, with equipped and furnished laboratories and library. Students also have access to recreation facilities, well developed classrooms and a bunch of hang out spots.

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Some Courses include:
Information Technology
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Biomedical Science
Health Science
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Management
Media Communication
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Biomedical Science