Murdoch University

Murdoch University, is an Australian university that was established in 1975, it was established as a public university and is funded and managed by the government and not private individuals. The university is committed to being a world class university coupling research and innovation to creating excellent education content that will be sought after globally. it is among an eltite group of universities with about 1,100 other top ranked world class universities. The university also trains her students in academics but ensures they are ready for the industrial application of theoretical knowledge.

Students are given the best knowledgebase they need for their different fields of study. Murdoch University, has several campuses around Australia, there are about of three of them in total. The university has a large student body. The student body is large and diverse with over twenty thousand students and about two thousand staff, resulting in a healthy student staff ratio. The university student body is diverse because it is a co-educational university, the university also has no religious affiliations as it is a free thinking university, so prospects religious or socio-cultural backgrounds are not used as core metric during the admission selection process.

Admission into this university is relatively competitive, not too stringent but no too easy either. The university admits both national and international students from different parts of the world, also contributing to its diversity. Murdoch University offers fulltime undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in sciences, social sciences, arts, management and several other fields.

The university has well laid out campuses with all the necessary facilities, good accommodation, classrooms and labs, well-furnished classroom and food etc. The university tuition, varies across the different academic programs, degree types and campuses, kindly visit the university official website to see the current charges.

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Some Courses include:
Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Applied Psychology
Sport and health science
Arts, Management & Social Science
Community Development
Public Admin
Science & Technology
Animal Science
Biological Science
chemical Science
Environmental Science
Mineral Science
Computer Science