Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is a public university located in New South Wales, Australia. The university is a not funded and managed by private individual because it is a public university and has since been registered and approved by the nation's educational bodies. The University has become known as a citadel of learning and academic excellence, the university is actively involved in research and collaborations to solve problems in our society.

She has over six schools ranging from a school of law, to a school of education, to the school of health and human sciences amongst others. The university trains her students with the help of season staff in different fields to be excellent in both the theoretical and practical aspect of their fields, students are taught how to apply theoretical knowledge to practice in the real world/industry. The university has a student population of over ten thousand students. Southern Cross University has several campuses in Australia. The university is a coeducational institution that has no religious affiliation but runs a unique academic calendar.

The university might be described by some to have a relatively low amount of staff, however the staff student ratio is still very good. The university has no religious affiliation and thus has a diverse student body. Religious and other socio-cultural backgrounds arenít used to hinder people from gaining admission. Southern Cross University admits both national and international students from different parts of the world, the university runs on a full time 4 year program consisting of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Degrees in science and technology, social sickness, arts and several others are available.

The university campuses are very conducive for learning, accommodation facilities, a well-equipped library and recreation facilities and several other facilities to make the student have a good academic stay are available. The tuition varies per credit unit however overall, tuition into this university is above AUD$10,0000

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Some Courses include:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Other Feilds in Medicine
Arts, Management & Social Science
Creative Writing
Hotel Management
Hospitality and Tourism
Digital Media and Communications
Social Science
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Information Technology Management
Environmental Science
Forest Science and Management