Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne University of Technology is an Australian university established in the year 1908, the university was founded as a public university and has since been approved by the nation's education bodies. The university since its establishment has been committed to being an innovative institution coming out with disruptive solutions to society problem, the university has a very diverse and community with student and staff from different parts of the country and world. The university is also a research driven institution and is also involved in a number of collaborations.

it ranks as one of the best universities in the nation and even in the world by several ranking bodies. Swinburne University of Technology is a fulltime four year university without any religious affiliation or sociocultural affiliation, these allows students from all over the world to come and learn in this prestigious university. The university has over 020,000 student and has a decent number of academic staff to cater to the studentís academic needs. Students are provided with top notch educational content of both theory and practicalís, the university has about three faculties and also promotes vocational education amongst her students.

Swinburne University of Technology is a coeducational university and it runs on per semester academic calendar. The university also has research center. The university offers fulltime undergraduate and postgraduate courses in several fields, some include sciences, social sciences, medicine, technology and several others. The university admission process is quite competitive. Tuition to study in the university is affordable and the university provides some form of financial aid for students, the fees vary per category and per academic program and ranges from between $15,000 to $40,000.

Kindly check the university website for the current tuition. The campuses have adequate facilities for eLearning environment, health centers, library, good road network and power are available to students.

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Some Courses include:
CHEMICAL Engineering
Civil Engineering
Software Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Biomedical science
Public and Env Health
Other edical feilds
Arts, Management & Social Science
Media Studies
Public Management
Science & Technology
Applied Math
Environmental Science
Data Science
Primary Education
Legal Services