University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne is a public university located in one of the largest cities in Australia called Melbourne, the university is funded and managed by the government of Australia and was established in 1853. The university trains her students in all aspect of life be it academic, research innovation, morals entrepreneurship etc.

the university is a research driven institution and is involved in a number of partnerships to solve both local and international problems. It is a top ranked university nationally and globally so her graduates also have very high employability chances in the job market and is committed to being . The University of Melbourne has a very large student body with tens of thousands of students and also thousands of academic and non-academic staff to meet the demands of these students.

The university is a coeducational institution and has a very diverse student body. University of Melbourne has no religious affiliation and runs a per semester academic calendar. The university welcomes both national and international students, however the university has a very competitive admission process as many students all over the world will like to study there.

The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various fields of study, these include sciences, social sciences, arts, management health sciences, engineering etc. The university has a well laid out campus with awesome facilities, ranging from a well-equipped library, sports facilities, good road network etc.

Tuition into the University of Melbourne is quite affordable going for a couple ten thousands of dollars.

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Some Courses include:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Chemical & Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Other medical feilds
Arts, Management & Social Science
Fine Arts
General Studies
Science & Technology
Food Science
Data Science
Environmental Science
Plant Science
Forest Science