University of Technology, Sydney

Established in 1965 in Sydney Australia, university of technology, Sydney has come to be a well-developed and robust university. The university is a public university and therefore are funded by the government. The University of Technology in Sydney is a technology centric, innovative and driven university in Australia, it is one of the not too many universities of technology.

The university has a unique way of impacting her students with the right knowledgebase both relevant in the classroom and in industry, It is one of the top ranked universities in Canada and top 300 in the world. The university is also quite collaborative, engaging members of the community and industries in proffering solutions to various local and international problems. The university has a large student body, the students are of both genders as the university is a coeducational institution.

University of Technology, Sydney has about six faculties, its large staff base consisting of both theoretical and industry effective. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in different fields of study, the university welcomes both national and international student into the university. Admission is quite competitive and the smarter you are the more your chances are of gaining admission as many people want to get enrolled.

The university offers programs in sciences, social sciences, technology etc. university campus is well laid out and has all the necessary facilities. Tuition in this university is relative cross the different academic program and for both national and international students.

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Some Courses include:
Biomedical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Systems and Software Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health
Arts, Management & Social Science
Media Arts and Production
Political Science
Science & Technology
IT Management and Leadership
Systems Design and Analysis
Software Development and Programming
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Primary Education