2021 International Student Retention Scholarships at Portland State University, USA

The International Achievement Scholarship is awarded to new incoming international students on the basis of their academic achievement and wants to study a degree program at Portland State University, USA. Students who maintain high academic standing are automatically reviewed for the scholarship at the time of admission.

Portland State University, established in the mid 1940 located in Oregon, United state of amebic is a public university that is funded and managed by the government. the university is ranked among the top American universities and also among the elite group of 1,000 overall best universities in the world by different ranking bodies. It is however also ranked among the top 100 most innovative universities in the world by a report.

Portland State University is a research based university in collaboration with a number of institutions to help achieve her research goals in field cutting across technology, applied ecology and several other areas of study. It also has more than one research center. It has a large student population and equally large staff population resulting to a healthy staff to student ratio of 1:18, which is pretty good for learning, the university exposes her students to quality education in their respective fields, it makes use of new and modern approaches in education in an attempt to give her students a better learning experience while in school. They get to interact with industry experts and experience professional in their fields so as to have an idea of how knowledge acquired can be converted to knowledge applied meaningfully.

Portland State University has excellent recreation facilities as the university community has a good sport culture some of the sports include basketball, football and several areas of study. It offers over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate academic degree programs in her various school and colleges, some of which include the college of engineering and computer science, the school of business, school of social work and several other areas.

The university community is diverse and it’s graduates are very employable in their various fields. It has good facilities for her students and it has a high acceptance rate, her campus facilities include good classrooms, accommodation facilities and several others and it is apparently good for learning.

Tuition and other fees ranges from between $26k - $45k, the university also runs on a quarterly academic calendar.

Application Deadline: January 18, 2021

Type: Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Value: $1,500

Eligible Countries: International

Eligibility:Scholarship Applicants are required to;
  • Be international students
  • Be proficient in English language
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.0 Please note, that this is when it is converted to the U.S. 4.0 grading scale.
  • Have to take admission in the undergraduate degree programme at the university.

Application Process: Applicants must be recommended to take admission in the undergraduate, graduate and post-baccalaureate degree programme at the university.

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