University of Oxford

University of Oxford is arguably the top and best university in the United Kingdom, it was established in 1096 and it is a public university located in south east England. University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the country and ultimately in the world, it is has several campus locations in different parts of the country with amazing structure, the university is known for teaching learning and research. The university is a well sough after institution and it is known for excellence. University of Oxford has a medium sized student population and a large number of staff which is very good for the staff to student ratio. The university isn’t affiliated to religion and it welcomes students from different parts of the world both locally and internationally Irrespective of their culture and other factors. University of Oxford offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degree programs in several fields of sciences and social sciences. The university offers over 300 graduate programs alone. University of Oxford has an extremely competitive admission process as a lot of student both from within and outside the United Kingdom are seeking admission into this awesome university. All her campus locations are cool, the classrooms are great, there are all the necessary facilities her student will need for a great academic stay. University of oxford goes for between 16,000 – 24,000 British pounds. Kindly check the university official website from more detail. It varies per the different academic programs and degree types.
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Some Courses include:
Engineering Science
Medicine & Pharmamcy
Biomedical Science
Arts, Management & Social Science
Theology and Religion
Oriental Studies
English Language
Science & Technology
Computer Science

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