Why it’s simply better to study at Covenant, Unilag, Unilorin Etc

No doubt some Universities in Nigeria are clearly better than others in terms of ranking, structure and producing quality graduates and only a handful of universities actually have high ranking and are known to produce quality graduates for the workforce or as entrepreneurs. A couple of days ago stutern released the 2016 graduate report and universities like Covenant University, University of Lagos, University of Ilorin amongst others were said to have produced the most employable graduates. Though there are very few rankings for Nigerian Universities, 4icu.org recently did the 2017 ranking for universities in Nigeria and there is a close relationship between stutern’s most employable graduates ranking and 4icu.org report, looking at both reports we have an idea of the top universities in Nigeria, But besides the ranking why should you go to these universities?

Alumnus of top universities in Nigeria are often at the fore front of Leading Companies, Start-Ups and Industries. There’s a popular saying: “Birds of the Same Feather Flock together”. Alumnus of top Universities build influential Networks that open doors to a lot of opportunities after graduation.

Faculty and Alumnus of Leading universities are good mentors and can help Obtain references for Jobs and Studying for Masters overseas. A Prestigious Alumnus of Covenant University would often say “If it takes you too long to get to where you want to get to; your Network is poor”. Building a large number of friends in such institutions could eventually lead to Job Opportunities and Businesses. Networking will take you to places skills might not

Studying in a top University doesn’t guarantee success during and even after school, there are a number of graduates from these institutions who are still unemployed. A survey one showed that the chances of an individual finishing from a university is largely dependent on how satisfied such individual is with the university. Success in Career and Business is dependent on the individuals hard work, the university attended might create a platform, but it is the value such individual adds to his or her organizations that would determine success.