What are State Universities?

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State Universities are Tertiary Education institutions that run and managed by the state government of the state that funds them. There are over 40 state universities in Nigeria. Most State universities in Nigeria are not as expensive as Private Universities, A few are Slightly more expensive than Federal universities but pretty much in terms of Tuition most state Universities School fees is Below N200,000. State Universities are larger than private universities in terms of Space and student population. They also offer Diploma and More Bachelor Degree courses than Most Private Universities.

As earlier mentioned State Universities have large student bodies and a diverse student body, Students from different parts of the country with different backgrounds and religious beliefs are enrolled. This allows intakes to learn the lifestyle, behavior and values of different people. More or less Students in state Universities become street smart and can adapt in almost any part of the country.

Why Should I Go to a State University?

Unlike most Private Universities students don’t have to live on campus in state universities. Most rent apartments close to the university and live off campus. State University students inevitably learn how to hustle. This is because there are so so many students competing for limited resources such as Classroom space, water etc. The Campus is also pretty large so most times you could have a class ending by 10:00Am and another class by 11:00Am in a building that is far and you can’t afford to be late. You have to figure out how to get there in time.

You’d definitely adjust. 100 Level will be the time to observe and learn. From 200 level you can decide to get an apartment with your course mates. By then you’d know where to hang out and where not to hang out. How to deal with difficult lecturers etc.

Are there Downsides to State Universities?

Some state Universities have Strikes often and you can’t categorically say when or If there would be strikes when you’re in school. You also can’t predict how long the strikes would last so there is a lot of uncertainty about when you will graduate. These reasons are why people go to private Universities despite the high Tuition.