What are Private Universities?

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Private Universities are Tertiary Education institutions that run on self-defined rules and goals.There are over 60 private universities in Nigeria (31 are Christian universities while 4 are Islam based universites, The others have no religious affiliation.) They are funded by individual and organizations besides the government. Such organizations include churches, Companies etc. Most private universities in Nigeria Are More expensive in terms of Tuition compared to Federal and State Universities. They are also smaller in terms of Geographical Land and Student Population.

Private Universities in Nigeria are differentiated by their Religious Affiliations. There are faith based Universities which are further classified into: Christian Universities (Some Examples are: Covenant University, Redeemer�s University, and Mountain Top University etc.) and Islam Universities (Some Examples are: Fountain University, Al-Hikman University etc). There are also Private Universities with no Religious Affiliation Some Examples are Afe Babalola University, American University of Nigeria, Baze University etc.

Why Should I Go to a Private University?

Due to its small size, Private University students know each other, there is this Family feeling that private University students have. Even if you don�t know everyone by Name you know them by Face or through a friend. Also in private Universities there is less pressure on Facilities so you would hardly have issues of No power, No water Bad roads etc.

It is however important to note that private Universities in Nigeria offer a small range or courses compared to state and Federal Universities. Very Few Private Universities offer Courses in Education, Law and Medicine. We advise you view the university profiles of the Private Universities you have in Mind to confirm if your desired Courses is Available.

Are there Downsides to Private Universities?

Private Universities are generally expensive compared to state and federal Universities. Some Private Universities School Fees could go for as high as N1, 000,000 and over. It�s however not the fault of the universities as they are run independently and do not receive Funds from the Government to operate. However Some Universities e.g Covenant University offers Scholarships and Financial Aid to students.