What they dont tell you about final year

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The average undergraduate can’t wait to get to final year, there’s this feeling you have like you’re on top of the world when you’re in final year and it’s really awesome. Thing is that’s what it seems at the surface till you get to final year then the realities hit you. Here are a couple of things to expect and you should do in final year.


Most courses taken by final year students test students ability to apply knowledge gotten from their first year and how this can be used to solve real life problems, most test and exams might not ask direct questions as has been the norm in previous years but application questions with real life scenarios so get set for that.


The final year project write up is really tasking for a lot of students, searching for articles and research papers, referencing etc. To now make matters more complicated get ready for your project supervisor to tell you to make a lot of simile ridiculous changes to your write up, they might seem quite annoying but truthfully it’s for your own good.


A number of persons won’t agree with this but, we feel final year should be for socializing and meeting new people, except you’re on the border line chasing a first class or a 2:1 then you have some excuse but if not you should socialize, for many person they meet a lot of amazing people in final year and this relationships are really important for when you graduated and leave school. You are not and can’t be an island and these contacts could really influence your post graduations lie, depending on who these persons are and how well you use them.

For most students as stressful as it is final year is the best part of their stay in school, hope you enjoy yours too