Christopher University

Christopher university is located in a fast paced developing area in Ogun state south west Nigeria, The university was founded in 2015 to produce graduates with relevant skill set for the work force and entrepreneurs to solve problems in the society. The University has no religious affiliation ad admits students from different state in the country so it is relatively diverse.

Christopher university offers bachelors degree in courses cutting across Science and Technology, Arts, management and social science. Admission into this university is not so competitive for now since it was recently established so it shouldn't be tasking provided you meet the university´┐Żs requirement. The university has a low population of staff and students as at the time of this writing but this will change over the years.

Christopher University school fees goes for N400,000 - N500,000 and it provides accommodation for her students and other infastrucuire like a library and good college buildings.

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Arts, Management & Social Science
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